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I agree that the money spent on a person or a country for something, is ultimately meant to make the benefit reach every citizen and in long-term, to serve in economic development. But having negative forces like corruption, terrorism, money laundering etc. Do you think that the money that you, me or any citizen spends really reaches the poor??? If yes, even in 21st century why do we have so many poor economies?? See the slideshow and Just Imagine where we are.

I am giving you an activity….check it out after this slideshow…

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  1. How many Millionaires do we have in this world?
  2. How many Billionaires do we have in this world?
  3. What is the population of poor in this world?
  4. What is the cost of a plate of basic food?
  5. How many poor people do you think can the millionaires and billionaires in total could feed in a day?
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Have fun while you learn!!


Help Ever Hurt Never. 

What would you prefer when you have two slices of bread in your lunch box and a hungry stranger sitting few steps away from you and his face show how hungry he is probably from so many days?

Would you prefer helping him by giving a slice of bread or both the slices, or you just shirk your conscience away, and say, oh! he did not work for that bread and so he is hungry, but I have worked day and night, why should I starve giving away these slices?

What will be your action? I am sure, most of them would prefer the second option, munch away two slices and go back to work, and the most hurting part is that they forget what they did and their selfish motive and go on with the day.

People are worried, worried of what they have earned and what they have saved. But alas!!why? Is it because we want to have a better future, so safe and rich? the most ignorant fact is that they forget that having a better future is possible only when everybody around them has a better future. Think of the countries where day and night year after year everything in rubble due to war. What could anyone do there?

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If we help each other we can help solve how so ever bigger the problem might be, but if we try to ignore and concentrate on securing our own future, then we are running our time in futile. We are healthy only if our country is healthy, we are happy only if our country is happy, and for such a state to happen, don’t you think it is our fundamental responsibility to help rather than hurt?

What if you had given away those two slices of bread, probably you could have made him smile and be the cause of energy for him to work again, and maybe this time he could have worked more than before or had cracked a better way of earning.

Leaving him hungry, neither satisfied your conscience nor his hunger, at some point of the day, both of them are under the roof of emotional dissatisfaction. Now imagine, it’s not just you or me or that hungry man, we have lakhs of such instances around the Globe, which means so many dissatisfied souls in a day and how could you say you are working for a better future or building a secure future for your offsprings? After all one day, they will have to pay for the consequences.