In the modern era, where every second, somewhere in the world, a human, a group or a society suffers emotionally and physically, is evident enough to realize that something fundamental is missing. We cry, we feel and we ignore. But the ultimate cause and effect are buried deep in our sub subconscious minds. We worry not to understand the implications or the amplification of anything just because maybe we are not part of that suffering or we are far away from that happening.

Ego is the cause of this ignorance. A fundamental pillar of any human being is the sum of all Human Values. With today’s growth and earning opportunities, Values have taken a back seat. Religion, Culture, and Values go hand in hand. Ignoring one will cause the downfall of other. Any Qualification so earned without inheriting basic values is no less than a term ‘illiterate’.

Today we have highly qualified Terrorists, that they can hack powerful systems, invent deadly bombs and what not. Values definitely have not been the part of their education system. Have they been educated on values, they would have contributed constructively. The problem is not just terrorism for that matter. We have corruption, Money Laundering, Murders, Religious riots, Political fights etc.

This page aims to provide a scope for the kids and teens to learn values in a fun way that could reach their hearts and minds in an efficient way and leave a significant subconscious trail for them to build a better future and wipe all negativity out from this world one fine day.

Now, this should just not be the responsibility of kids and teens, but equally their parents and teachers. A collective effort is worth many hours.

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