The rate of corruption is unbelievable in India. Although figures do show some statistical data about the rise and fall of corruption levels with change in governments, economic system etc, year on year, yet in our day to day life, we can clearly count the visible corruption at every level, let that be a grocery store or a giant corporate.

We have quite enough number of millionaires and billionaires to feed the poor in our country, yet their donations and charity go in vain. They announce their charity amount, and purpose through press media, to get the fame or what so ever, and the moment they declare, a big queue of planned bribers and corrupt in the form of project institutions, managers, engineers, procurement agencies, wait so humbly, to get them chosen for the project, so that the entire defined figure goes into their pockets.

Take the below case,

Will this amount really serve the poor ??

He made the announcement that Rs. 40 lakhs are assigned for building a school, ignoring the after effects of this announcement. No doubt that there will be a school built shortly, but, the entire declared figure will be used without leaving behind a penny.

Whereas in actuality, if a proper market research considering the facts of pricing, labour, etc, and giving an opportunity to the poor in building the school, under the guidance of a good civil engineer who could take this as a voluntary project with a social service motive and help build a school, so that the cost of labour, procurement of materials and construction also goes into the pockets of the poor and downtrodden in the society, which in turn could help in betterment of their lives.

Such market research is not done by these celebrities and rich guys. They leave upon big big institutions to take up the project and those institutions take away the chance and loot the entire money.

If we are doing service, we must serve not only with money, but with, mind, spirit and money, only then it could bring a positive change, only then could it bring smiles on the faces of the poor.

If you agree with me, leave your comments and share with others too.

Thanks for your time. ☺️

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