The primary reason CSR being unsuccessful in countries like India is, a vision with 100% self interest. Most of the corporates’ self interest is, to name, fame and a photo in press/ media, to beat the drums. It could not bring much change with a vision of so narrow and selfish. They set CSR as a mandatory activity to be performed by employees every quarter or so and then they consider it for their appraisal. Alas!! Where is the selflessness part here. People are ultimately interested to go to CSR not with a primary motive to help people but to secure points that could add value for their appraisal. So much selfishness!!

Words fell short to appreciate the initiative of Cisco. It has taken up the responsibility and set up a goal and vision to end homelessness in Silicon Valley. That means a lot!, a lot for the society.

We have so many millionaires around the world. Take the case of India. The number of rich in India are not less in number, yet they shirk to bring such change to the society. We see grand weddings, celebrations, parties, spending millions every year, yet they never have a heart to take such initiatives. They need not take big responsibilities. They can choose from the unending list of problems that exist in India, and go forward to eradicate one at least in their life time.

Education, health, poverty, water scarcity, pollution, etc.

Very sad to describe the state. People have completely erased values from their life. Yet, there are still handful of them in the world, like Cisco, that give inspiration, relief and bring pride to the nation and it’s citizens.

Hats off Cisco!!

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