“Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein,

This quote speaks a lot. We have goals and dreams and we determine to achieve them over a period of time. Unfortunately, our focus becomes so narrower with time, that, we hardly care for any human or spiritual values associated with it or could be associated with it if any.

And the race begins, then competition reaches an interesting twist, then we chase, sometimes fight, sometimes hurt emotions of the people around, and we do not care. What all matters at that point of time is Concentrate, focus, act and repeat, till the goal is achieved.

Unfortunately, success achieved in such a way has no use, if it does not posess any value (not monetary, value here means, human and spiritual).

A corporate, a millionaire, or a highly career oriented person, will just chuckle and swipe away this article, because it does not seem to provide him/her with any career advice. But, one must understand that, where we respect and give enough space for values to dwell, success is obvious, irrespective of a success related to career or personal development.

Without values, success is just like a nightmare or a fairy tale.

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