Why do anyone give up? It is not just out of fear, level of criticality, or the level of difficulty. But mostly it is an outcome of these, along with few other aspects. Some of them are as shown below.

With technology taking front place in our lives, we have become too intolerant towards activities which need time. We could rather say, we do not give ‘time’ some ‘time’, to graduate the present with necessary procedure, so that we can overcome a problem, a hindrance or a mystery. With 4G and 5G taking away most of our seconds of life by forcing us to use the same, with the greed of super connectivity and speed, we have become intolerant towards, ‘waiting time’. Unfortunately, we could no more tolerate, queues in a petrol pump, or railway stations or any where. We want everything to happen in a wink of eye and that’s what we do when we expect results in our career or personal life. We want faster rather rapid results. With such intolerance, life seems to be a Racing course with robots everywhere and we are just signalling them with a wave of our hands or a wink of an eye.

Above all the causes or effects that necessitate ‘giving up’ by a person, our intolerance and impatience towards things, occupies first place.

We also have people who are too lethargic, who just want everything to happen on their own without a drop of their sweat. They prefer to be an audience in life rather than performers. Rather such people fall into a different theory about which this blog would discuss in the coming week.

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