In the modern saga, we have institutions, organizations, entreprenuers, boasting about management, be it service management, Logistics management, Event management, Career management and the list never ends. But, there is hardly any single entity that broadly focusses on Spiritual Management.

Spiritual management has nothing to do with therapies and medication, but should rather be a guide, for the seekers to enhance their understanding of spiritual energy, its reservoir, its existence, effect and importance. But unfortunately, any existing entity addressing spiritual management focusses on specific religion, God, scripture or teachings, indirectly or directly imposing on the seekers to become its followers.

Spiritual Management rather should be a comparative study of religions in an unbiased way, thus leaving to the discretion of personal understanding. It should rather prepare a person’s understanding in a way, that, he/she during the course of learning, must have kindled the dormant faculties of learning, and by the end, must have been able to experience the existence and importance of spirituality in a human life.

But, so unfortunate and sad to have a world, engulfed with greed, selfishness and self interested humans, whose main focus is,

Establish, earn, succeed, earn more, succeed more, and repeat.

with money being the only important input, process  as well as output.

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