The sense of distinguishing between right and wrong, accommodates set of human and spiritual values. Values as a system work along with senses, to define a problem, or present a solution in a way that is not only acceptable, but also accurate in visioning things as they are and how could they be, at different situations, understanding the worser and better solutions or answers even before they are implemented.

The sense of wisdom, encompasses values that are meant to be obvious for human existence, upliftment and survival, of present as well as future generations.

Such a sense of wisdom necessarily be cultivated in the human system through better practices, habits and culture. Instead of visioning the complexity held in any value, and shirking away from it, a long term oriented vision of individual, community, society, economy and the world as a whole could activate right nodes of the system that harness right energy levels.

Sense of wisdom exists in positive energy oriented environement as it possesses human values and qualities that foster good, better and perfect living. Therefore, an environment which not only addresses physical and mental solutions but also gives an equal importance to spiritual upliftment is said to be the only way to reshape this world.

This world has innumerable religions in the names of innumerable Gods, based on interpretations, perceivance, perseverance and imaginations. Spiritual upliftment although is not a stop point with idols and scriptures, but an extension of it, meaning self realization through higher consciousness. When we have ignorance in our books of life, there is no place for consciousness, and with no consciousness, there is no place for wisdom. Having said that, it means, it also does not accomodate the ability to distinguish right and wrong or any intuitive support, resulting in devastating, irreversible and irreparable effects.

Developing intuitive consciousness necessitates one to have the quality of surrendering, faith, honesty and consistency with perseverance. These qualities or values could become available in the human consciousness only when our human system gets into contact with such a system of values being open ended.

Creation of such an environment which fosters all over development, physical, mental and spiritual is obvious if we have a source. Leaving aethists to ponder themselves, rest who believe in Almighty might also agree that they exist because of the Grace and Mercy of the Supreme Being Almighty. It is the nature of Aethists to argue that God does not exist, and their argument never counts, as sooner or later, they are to realize the guiding force, all omniscient power within and around.

And for those who believe in creator and His omniscient power and omnipotent being, agree that there could be no greater source than the Almighty Himself to provide such a system in place that encompasses all necessary human values. For having a contact with that abundant source, it is essential to have a spiritual leader who has reached that source, and experienced the bliss, mercy and Grace of the Supreme Being Lord Almighty. In other words, Hindus call such a person as Guru and a human frame which possess the current of that Supreme Being Himself, is Sant Satguru. 

So, for an environment of the kind mentioned in few paragraphs before, to exist and spread, we must seek and have access to the right hands of guidance, that lead us to the Ultimate Truth, which directly or indirectly enable us to develop all those qualities and values within ourselves and around, that teaches the body and mind to live in harmony with the soul.

So, the input for creating a sense of wisdom lies with the Creator and as rightly said, Microcosm of the Macrocosm, we have nodes in the physical human frame that help us access that Supreme Source, through raising our consciousness levels beyond physical and material world.

Higher consciousness is the input and output for the sense of wisdom. The higher the consciousness, the more wise we are, and perfect values we would have.

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