I say “Honesty is the best policy”, my neighbour says, you need not be so honest anymore, the world has changed, times have changed, and you need to survive. And for survival, you need to change yourself and get mingled with the surroundings. A friend of mine says, you can never be honest always, at some point of time you need to compromise on honesty. And so, some, some, some and some keep feeding the brain, and for the brain, as a system, every time it is a new input. Probably, all I heard had a same context, but its a new input each time as far as the brain is considered. It receives the input in a unique manner every time, depending upon the prevailing circumstances, present emotional and social conditions. For example, if we take the case of food, although, ingredients remain same, the taste varies from hand to hand. Same recipe is tasty and delicious in one restaurant and somewhere it is so disheartening. The underlying reason behind such difference is the ‘METHODOLOGY’.

It all depends on the method you prefer in any situation, that makes a difference in the result, turning out to be a one word answer, ‘Succeess’ or ‘Failure’.

So, if we take the society as a whole, we have diverse culture, religions, languages and so on. The ‘Unity in Diversity’ comes with a common understanding of core Values. When there is a difference of opinion, there is a place for biased answers and biasment accommodates all dividing forces in it, which probably could help in no way to build a harmonious economy, but an economy of a kind, where, we have hatred, jealousy, selfishness, cruelty, ego, violence etc taking shape into an empire soon.

Therefore, Values could be otherwise understood or should be understood as ‘Unifying Forces’ for any economy, irrespective of culture, language, race, financial condition or academic advancement.

Core ‘Human Values’ are themselves no less than any major qualification, for they have the ‘unifying’ effect inbuilt, that could probably help any economy to stand strong and fight any kind of Global problem, be it a pollution, poverty, health condition, terrorism etc. But, that also does not mean academics is of no use. Indeed academics is an important pillar, but this pillar of academics cannot stand by itself and needs a foundational stone, Values. Without Values, any qualification could not serve its purpose, for a mere educational qualification could bring monetary benefits, luxury and riches in life for sometime, but as the time passes, emotional disbalance arises, as the life has taken a course of travel which is not in harmony with nature, humanity and spiritual upliftment, but rather a lifestyle called ‘SEW’, Sleep, Earn/Eat, and Work. Ultimately, your conscience will one day make you feel guilty for you have passed away the time, trying to run faster than the time itself, and missed the real meaning and purpose of life!!

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