The process of Value creation starts with subtle links between mind and its environment, consisting of relation between itself (mind) and the various stages of creation. The cognitive part of our brain get used to the pattern over time and thus helps in imbibing a methodology by itself and leads to evolutionary transformation gradually.

The Value creation thus starts with what we see (Vision). This also includes what we hear (Auditory Vision), (The term ‘Vision’ in the figure above includes both kinds of Vision), which then gets into a new stage of the said creation process called, ‘Thought/Ideas, being a result of our perceptions and interpretations from our Vision. This stage further gets enhanced, when our thoughts come into action with time and situations, thus creating a space for us to learn after the practical implementation of our vision in the form of action through the imbibed thoughts or ideas. This in turn, leaves a memory in our subconscious mind, that helps us to make better decisions in future based on similar or some what similar situations, considering all permutations and combinations from the learning stage and this is termed as ‘utilisation’ as it is a step of better decisions than those present in the ‘action’ stage, as these involve considering exclusion of unnecessary biasment towards any one thought or idea. 

Our Mind, being the central part to enable such processing to take place, is also a source of exchange, as it supports with necessary inputs at various stages of Value Creation process, to help us make better and informed decisions with time.

This process to have a positive and multiplier effect,  our Mind needs an environment where it could get all basic inputs in a right form, thus eliminating the changes of negative influences over Mind. This process with effective background that is having supreme set of human values in the circles of family, friends, schools, educational institutions or organisations, could enable proper prospering of Mind and the output could thus be a positive human character raised to the power of availabilty of such environments, in a particular State or Country, and addition of those could help us figure out the Global picture of Human Values Development Index.

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