Today I came across a news story about milk adulteration. It was terrifying to see the milk making process using harmful ingredients, and more disheartening is to see these people coming up with such disvalued ideologies just for the sake of earning money. 

When the group was questioned, they mercilessly said that, “This milk is harmful yet it is  more delicious than normal milk that even curd is very thick and creamier, also tea and coffee are delicious too. No matter it is harmful, but nobody questions us about its purity seeing it so thick and creamy more than any standardized milk packets in the market. Especially sweet stalls during the season of Diwali require milk in larger quantities and where can we go and get to meet their demands. So we do this more in the festive seasons like Diwali and lesser in normal days.”

The fact that blew me away was that even the instrument which checks the purity of milk fails to make judgement between pure and adulterated milk. The score of nearly ’26’ shows the purity of milk, and so is the score of even adulterated milk.

Imagine the lives and health of those who are unaware of this malpractice. What about babies? Such is the situation of a country in this 21st century.

We have many advancements, and are entering a future where artificial intelligence and robots will be predominantly used, yet thinking and ideologies like the above said, exist so deep in the system, that they could hardly be recognized and much harder to imagine a case such as this to be existing or could exist.

And this is not an invention of today, yesterday or day before. I was taken aback to hear that one of these persons was doing this business for past ten years! They make this so called harmful natural milk with half litre of pure milk and one other group does not even require any milk to make it. The most pittiest fact is that, they are not ashamed to use the word ‘formula’ in their explanation to the press and media as if they are into some great achievement.

I read a tweet from FAO Climate change today which read as below, “We need to move beyond talking about sustainability said @cmfrick at #CFS44 side event on achievements in the fight against #climatechange”

On hearing such cases like milk adulteration, is it not the responsibility of everyone of us who believe in values, to make it reach every nook and corner of this world. The value system as a whole has many sub parts attached to it and one of the primary among these subparts is ‘sustainable living’, which not only teaches how to live self sufficiently, but also helps to live a life in harmony with nature and determines the right way of living.
Such effort is possible only if every value supporting community, organization, society or individual comes together and put every effort in sharing and teaching, apart from the usual day to day work that we are filled up with.

It costs nothing to share or to tweet, it just needs your integrity and kindness to read and share, if not all, at least such cases which are costing many lives silently.

Leave your comments below.

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