Values can be imbibed gradually and steadily. The responsibility of teaching values should not be completely entrusted to schools or educational institutions and that also does not mean that teachers or educational institutions are free from the responsibility of imbibing values. It only means that the responsibility of imbibing values lies with each one of us irrespective of whether we are parents, guardians, teachers or educational institutions. 

The learning exercise starts even before a child is born for it could see this world through the eyes of its mother. Hence, an environment wherein values are respected and preserved, has to be set up with a value learning system being at core, irrespective of the age. 

In today’s world where we predominantly live with news, stories and happenings which are lethal and create harsh memories, an effective value system can help create stop points in the minds of young generation to help them ignore the negative influences of the world and concentrate on positive and productive aspects. 

Such system can come into existence only when there is a common understanding among us (meaning elders or adults), that how important are the ‘values’ for building a secure and healthy future which not only addresses the issues related to physical or material well being but also concentrates on spiritual upliftment. 

The above figure tries to explain various stages of imbibing values in a human life and depicts the increase in scope of learning with the increase in age on one hand and the amount of grasping decreasing with age, which indirectly points us the necessity to build values or imbibe values from the very early age, even before birth, and that could probably provide us a strong foundation.

The earlier they learn, more they will learn and better they will be.

What do you say? Comment below.

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